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About us

Combining research with creative art

As a company, we see the world needs multi-disciplinairy solutions to ever more complex problems. By combining our background in biomedical engineering, movement science and telemedicine with high-end photo, video and digital art production, we are able to combine multiple expertise fields in an efficient way. This allows us to think out-of-the-box and look beyond the average.

Our services include 1) consultation and research work in the healthcare, rehabilitation and sport sectors and 2) coordinating development work to outsource partners and 3) high-end productions in photography, promotional videos and digital art. Our every growing network alows us to outsource to other specialisations, when needed, to get things done in a quick and efficient way. Bart Klaassen Bart Klaassen
Head of BMD Central

Motion capture

Using the latest mocap technologies for research, film and animation.

Consultation and coordinating development

We are able to consult, perform research and coordinate new development projects to outsource dev partners.

Photography and Video

Working on high-end stills and videography. In the studio or on location.

Digital artwork

Our digital art team is ready for you, proficient in e.g. the full adobe product ranges.